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Part Number Brand Description QTY Status
AMES40-12DMAZ AIMTEC Zasilacz impulsowy 40W 12VDC 125x65x35mm AMES40-12DMAZ 0 On Request
Przetwornica AM6C-1212D-NZ AIMTEC Przetwornica AM6C-1212D-NZ 0 On Request
Przetwornica AM2DS-1212D-NZ AIMTEC Przetwornica AM2DS-1212D-NZ 0 On Request
AM10E-2415DZ AIMTEC Voltage Regulators AM10E-2415DZ(RB) 3 In Stock
AM2M-2405DH30-NZ AIMTEC Voltage Regulators AM2M-2405DH30-NZ(RB) 5 In Stock
AM3N-0515SZ AIMTEC Voltage Regulators AM3N-0515SZ(RB) 2 In Stock
AM6TI-2415DZ AIMTEC Relays AM6TI-2415DZ(RB) 10 In Stock
AM3TI-2405S-RZ AIMTEC Relays AM3TI-2405S-RZ(RB) 5 In Stock
AM1A-2415DZ AIMTEC Voltage Regulators AM1A-2415DZ(RB) 5 In Stock
AM2D-1215SH30Z AIMTEC Converter: DC/DC; 2W; Uin: 10.8÷13.2V; Uout: 15VDC; Iout: 134mA 100 In Stock
AM1P-0512DZ AIMTEC Converter: DC/DC; 1W; Uin: 4.5÷5.5V; Uout: 12VDC; Uout2: -12VDC; DIP8 15 In Stock
AMA5ER4-120050Y AIMTEC Power supply: switched-mode; constant voltage; 12VDC; 500mA; 6W 198 In Stock
AM2D-1212SH30Z AIMTEC Converter: DC/DC; 2W; Uin: 10.8÷13.2V; Uout: 12VDC; Iout: 167mA; SIP7 36 In Stock
AM2S-0515SZ AIMTEC Converter: DC/DC; 2W; Uin: 4.5÷5.5V; Uout: 15VDC; Iout: 130mA; SIP4 340 In Stock
AM1SS-1205S-NZ AIMTEC Converter: DC/DC; 1W; Uin: 10.8÷13.2V; Uout: 5VDC; Iout: 200mA; SIP4 5 In Stock
AM1D-0515DZ AIMTEC Voltage Regulators AM1D-0515DZ(RB) 10 In Stock
AM10E-2405SZ AIMTEC Voltage Regulators AM10E-2405SZ(RB) 3 In Stock
AM1D-0515D-NZ AIMTEC Voltage Regulators AM1D-0515D-NZ(RB) 4 In Stock
AM1M-0515D-NZ AIMTEC Relays AM1M-0515D-NZ(RB) 5 In Stock
AM3T-2405SZ AIMTEC Logic AM3T-2405SZ(RB) 2 In Stock