We have talked with numerous companies from the industrial automation sector and many of them experienced similar issues:

  • Backorders: endless emailing back and forth with different suppliers to get the best offer for your customer 
  • Webshop – long process to get it launched and you need a large amount of stock to see a return on investment 
  • Letting all my customers know what surplus stock I have available at any given time.

Based on this research we have created a feature that will allow you to solve some of these issues. You can use CloudStock as a business-generating tool.

Increase parts availability on your website.

This feature helps you expand your offer by integrating catalogues from third-party vendors without the cost of purchase, storage, or shipping the parts. And here’s how:

  1. You can “connect” on Automa.Net with your current and new business partners who carry stock.
  2. Once you are connected and these third-party vendors who allow you to use their data, you can display anonymously a large database of available parts on your own website (could be a link to your very own subdomain yourcompany.automa.net or an embedded javascript search engine).
  3. Your customers can key in a part number and see if it’s available. Once they send an inquiry – you and your business partner will receive an RFQ. You will receive the quotation from a third-party vendor and then you are ready to talk with your customer and close the deal. 
Cloud Stock Business Generation tool
Cloud Stock – model of business generation tool

Learn more about CloudStock integration here.

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