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  • Street: 15 Via San Felice
  • Post code: 10092
  • City: Beinasco
  • Country: Italy


Component Supplier
System Integrator


Since 1978, ATP – Articles Trasmissioni Potenza Srl has been a reliable source for the distribution of industrial components. The company's vast catalogue of top-brand items, thousands of items in stock, and custom-made components, combined with its advanced linear guide cutting center servicing the whole of Piedmont, make ATP's offer stand out for its completeness and efficiency. Above all, ATP is renowned for its excellent customer service, offering specialist consultancy, professional staff, and pre and post sales assistance that foster a strong relationship of trust and quality between suppliers and customers. This is the philosophy at ATP: the best way to guarantee satisfaction is to be by the customer's side. Always.

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  • chains
  • sprockets
  • belts