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  • Street: 51 Via L. Ariosto
  • Post code: 42014
  • City: Castellarano (RE)
  • Country: Italy


System Integrator
Machine Builder


Founded in 1968 by Benassi Secondino & C., a leader in the ceramic industry, Autin S.p.A. is a market leader in constructing complete systems and machinery for the production of premix powders, serving major industrial groups around the world. With 15,000 m² of space, including a 7,000 m² office building in Castellarano (Reggio Emilia), Autin S.p.A. is comprised of experienced and reliable technicians, who specialize in the treatment, preparation, batching, and mixing of powders. Autin has continually developed its expertise and provides solutions to industries such as premix products, adhesives, stuccos, ceramics, bricks, and raw materials, from the initial design to the final testing of the system, with ongoing customer service and professionalism.

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