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Automation Group

About Automation Group

Automation Group specialises in providing electrical and automation products to utilities, mining and energy sectors as well as providing comprehensive support and technical services to contractors, integrators and end users. Automation Group works with partner Civil and Electrical Contractors in various local government, mining and water industry sectors; providing high quality, premium automation and remote monitoring products to deliver to their customers collectively. Our range of telemetry products includes the Brodersen RTU/PLC with a range of protocols including DNP3, MODBUS and SNMP along with the Oleumtech Range of wireless sensors as well as wireless IO and 4RF Digital IP Radio Equipment. Together, the Brodersen, Oleumtech and 4RF range of telemetry products is able to provide the solution to any of your stand-alone telemetry needs as well as interfacing to any of your existing SCADA and telemetry systems.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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