Azkoyen Electricidad

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Street: Martintxone Bidea, 7
City: Mungia
Country: Spain

Azkoyen Electricidad

About Azkoyen Electricidad

We offer personalized service tailored to the needs of our clients, which is why engaging in dialogue with them is essential. We resolve all your issues related to industrial process control and automation. As direct suppliers, we provide variable speed drives, static starters, programmable controllers, touchscreens, and programming and control software. Our efforts are dedicated to offering excellent prices on control materials from GE, a world-leading company in the industry, featured on this site. We are registered integrators of Emerson products (including GE FANUC) and Wonderware. The ability to connect to PLC controllers via the internet for troubleshooting, program updates, error table deletion, etc., helps reduce downtime caused by breakdowns and the costs associated with specialized technician travel, leading to significant savings in maintenance costs.

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  • Industrial Automation

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