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BG Automatika Kft.

BG Automatika Kft.'s top 5 brand specializations

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Street: Külterület hrsz. 085/139/A/8
Post code: 2142
City: Nagytarcsa
Country: Hungary

BG Automatika Kft.

BG Automatika Kft.'s top 5 brand specializations

About BG Automatika Kft.

BG Automatika Ltd. offers a full range of industrial automation services, including the design and assembly of the mechanical drive of the target machine, its automation by PLC control or servicing by robot cell

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
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Refund & Return Policies

If the consumer exercises his right to withdraw from the contract, he must inform the operator in a clear written statement (by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by e-mail). Upon receipt of the withdrawal statement, the operator must immediately confirm it to the consumer. In the event of withdrawal, the consumer must return the ordered product to the operator within 14 days of notification of withdrawal.

Shipping Policies

The delivery date for products ordered from our store is always stated in the order confirmation. For all orders, we will contact the contact person provided during registration by phone to clarify the order. If this fails, the customer's order will be considered final, and the order will be processed according to the confirmation sent. Products are shipped by courier to the address specified by the customer.

Warranty Policies

The warranty period is 12 months, calculated from the transfer of the risk of damage. If a longer limitation period is required by a statutory provision, the limitation period shall be extended accordingly to the absolute shortest period. In other cases, the assertion of claims for damages in case of breach of duty is subject to the statute of limitations prescribed by law. In addition, the statute of limitations for claims under the Product Liability Law continues to govern product liability.