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  • Street: 134A Via Fratelli Canepa
  • Post code: 16010
  • City: Serra Ricc├▓ (GE)
  • Country: Italy

Biasetton Oleodinamica

Component Supplier
System Integrator


For more than forty years, we have been providing expertise in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, centralized lubrication, power transmissions and pressurized fluid technology. Our services include studying, designing and building complete systems, supplying components, offering customer assistance and advice based on our experience, all of which have contributed to our growth and success in the industrial market. Our systems have been applied in a wide range of industries, such as iron and steel, shipbuilding, machine tools, ecological plants, packaging machines, civil engineering equipment, chemical and nuclear plants, and food machines, to name a few. Our technicians have accumulated considerable experience and knowledge over the years, and are confident they can meet your needs.


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