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Braas Company

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BRAAS Company has been helping manufacturers get LEAN for over FOUR decades by providing automation solutions to enhance quality control, boost productivity and improve safety. Whether it s vision, robotics, motion control, safety or pneumatic technologies Braas Company has the knowledge and experience to provide you the best possible solution for your next automation project. As an employee-owned company, it is our people and their commitment to client satisfaction that sets up apart from other automation suppliers. We recognize our success depends on the success of our clients. Therefore we seek to continually earn your trust by keeping your best interest in mind in everything we do. Because of the individual service levels that our clients receive, they are sometimes surprised to find out BRAAS Company is one of the largest and most technically capable automation solution providers in the country. You can rely on us to offer a wealth of knowledge and valuable resources... from engineered systems and customized solutions... to technical assistance for start-up and troubleshooting... to customized training either on or off site. BRAAS Company has the knowledge, experience, commitment and resources available to help you attain your automation goals. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL PRODUCTS ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN ALL LOCATIONS. PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL BRAAS OFFICE FOR PRODUCT AUTHORIZATION AND AVAILABLITY.

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