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System Integrator


Quality and innovation are at the Heart of Brenner-Fiedler. By offering advanced solutions including robotics, we turn the products & factories of today into the products & factories of tomorrow. At Brenner-Fielder, we use technology to help local businesses stay competitive. Their team takes customer problems, large or small, and finds innovative ways to solve them. This could be anything from increasing production at a factory, to improving safety on a machine, or even taking a person’s idea of a machine from the drawing board to production. With today’s competitive industry, it’s hard for businesses to have all the right tools under their roof, and that’s where Brenner-Fiedler can lend a hand. Did you know? From contract manufacturing to custom sub-assemblies and automation solutions, our value-add services reduce cost, risk, and wasted time for your company. Our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and UL508A approved electrical panels emphasize our commitment to provide high quality products and services. Our world class engineering team helps provide cost effective custom solutions to any problem and acts as an extension of your team through every step of design, from concept to completion. We offer a wide breadth of products and services like complete vacuum systems, remote connectivity, and safety products. Download our brochure now to learn more.

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