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CANDAS Sp. z.o.o.

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Contact details:

Street: ul. Szpakowa 53
Post code: 43-100
City: Tychy
Country: Poland

CANDAS Sp. z.o.o.

About CANDAS Sp. z.o.o.

Repair service for industrial automation components with a guarantee of keeping the program, parameters or applications inside the device. At CANDAS, we repair industrial automation and robotics components, such as: inverters, power supply systems, industrial computers, PLC controllers, HMI panels, servo drives, electrospindles and others. Service that we offer is the diagnosis of failures and service of machines and industrial equipment not supported by manufacturers. Advantages of such a solution: no need to engage other services or Technical Maintenance Services,the ability to perform parallel backups of computers, inverters, panels and machine controllers, warranty for the repaired component along with maintaining the parameters or applications uploaded to it by the machine manufacturer, repair and commissioning warranty option for the entire machine. Such computer systems of CNC machine tools as: Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens or Mitsubishi are the basis of our daily diagnostic work and workshop repairs in our company. Of course, we also deal with products from other manufacturers, because electronics is our passion and we know that it should work everywhere on the same, unchanging principles.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Number of Employees
  • Turnover (USD $)
  • ISO 9001

Products offered by CANDAS Sp. z.o.o.

Products from CANDAS Sp. z.o.o.

  • inverters
  • power supply systems
  • industrial computers
  • PLC controllers
  • HMI panels
  • servo drives
  • electrospindles and others.

Industries Served by CANDAS Sp. z.o.o.

  • We support technically in each of the Industry Branches such: Automotive
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • CNC Machining
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Telecommunication.

CANDAS Sp. z.o.o. Services

  • repair of machines
  • repair of machine components
  • machine service
  • machine backups
  • HMI panels
  • PLC controllers
  • CNC machine service

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