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Casp System

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Street: Puszkina 2
Post code: 43-603
City: Jaworzno
Country: Poland

Casp System

About Casp System

Company Casp System Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2000 r. It is a well known supplier of industrial automation equipment of nearly all brands available on the market. Additionally, Casp System is also working with Non destructive testing, being able to provide the customers with solutions for any method of NDT that is required in the specifics of the customers application. The company is working with such well known partners as: Wika, PEPPERL+FUCHS, Baluff, Siemens, Hohner; YXLON, Rohmann, ScanMaster, Stresstech, ATG, and many more. Thanks to advanced technologies, the solutions offered by CASP are always efficient and highly sought after. Our company has very experienced and dedicated staff that is ready and willing to help with any application that customers may think of. Please visit CASP System websites for more information: www.manometry24.pl www.czujniki24.pl www.enkodery24.pl www.przetworniki24.pl www.ndt24.pl wwwpomiar3d.pl www.aparaturabadawcza.eu

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

Our Products

  • CR1201

    Process and dialogue module PDM360 NG-12; Connector

  • E11743

    Connecting cable with socket; Operating voltage < 63...

  • E12498

    Connecting cable with socket; Operating voltage < 60...

  • E21152

    diffuse reflection sensor; Sensing head thread M6; Total...

  • E40262

    Progressive ring fitting; Sensor connection ├ś 8 mm;...

  • E80384

    ID tag; 13,56 MHz; ├ś 50 / L...

  • EBC115

    Y-splitter; Operating voltage < 60 V AC; housing...

  • EVT194

    Connection cable; Operating voltage < 50 V AC;...

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Products from Casp System

  • Inductive sensors
  • optical sensors
  • capacitive sensors
  • magnetic sensors
  • ultrasonic sensors
  • safety barriers
  • safety curtains
  • signal separators
  • signal transducers
  • manometers
  • pressure transducers
  • presostats
  • hydrostatic probes
  • vibration sensors
  • cam switches
  • limit switches
  • sensor cables
  • incremental encoders
  • absolute encoders
  • measuring wheels
  • pulse counters
  • mechanical meter counters
  • controllers
  • flowmeters for fluids
  • flowmeters for gases
  • flow indicators
  • rotameters
  • temperature sensors
  • bimetallic termometers
  • level indicators
  • flow indicators
  • level meters

Industries Served by Casp System

  • Heavy Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Water threatment Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Aviation Industry
  • Food Industry

Casp System Services

  • Certification of sensors