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  • Street: 15 Via Salassa
  • Post code: 10080
  • City: Oglianico
  • Country: Italy

Castagna Fratelli

Component Supplier
System Integrator


Starting its activities in 1966, F.lli Castagna operated as an auto repair shop in its headquarters in Rivarolo Canavese. In 1972, it broadened its offer to include technical articles for industry, crafts and agriculture. In 1981, Castagna moved to its new headquarters in Oglianico, which featured a large factory with private parking. This strategic location in the heart of the Canavese area and its accessibility from all directions allowed customers to experience the professionalism and expertise of F.lli Castagna. Combining the expertise of its technical personnel with partnerships with the best brands in the sector, the company has become renowned for its reliability and quality, making it a leading force in the industry.

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