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  • Street: 13 Via Angelo Brunetti
  • Post code: 20156
  • City: Milano
  • Country: Italy

CBC Colombo Brugnoni

Component Supplier
System Integrator


CBC is an Italian industrial supplier that specializes in rolling bearings and related accessories. They are the official distributor of URB and DAS LAGER GERMANY, and have a direct relationship with all ISO certified factories. CBC also offers their own brand of cost-effective imported bearings with a 20 year history of reliability. These come from qualified and certified Chinese factories with Top Quality or Standard Quality versions depending on customer request. Their typical clients are Italian OEMs in the sectors of gear-boxes, winches, mechanical drives, hydraulic pumps & motors, industrial fans, vibrating equipment, machine tools, steel production/forming, general industrial equipment, agricultural, and construction machinery.

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  • bearings
  • v-belts
  • chains