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  • Street: 45148 Via Pietro Mascagni
  • Post code: 55016
  • City: Porcari
  • Country: Italy


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Founded in 1981 by Adolfo Parenti, who remains the director today, Centro Aria Compressa srl ​​has a long-standing history of 37 years. The company is now a family business, with the second generation of entrepreneurs alongside the founder. The Compressed Air Center's main activities include the Atlas Copco dealership, world leader in the construction of compressors, dryers, filters, tools and accessories for compressed air systems; and the Camozzi dealership, a Brescia-based manufacturer in rapid global expansion, leader in pneumatic components for the sale and promotion of cylinders, solenoid valves, fittings, air treatment units and vacuum technology. The company serves the provinces of Lucca, Massa, Pisa and Pistoia, with a well-stocked warehouse with many available items, as well as measuring instruments (pressure, temperature), all types of piping, diaphragm pumps, pneumatic motors, sealants, nozzles, stainless steel valves. The clientele is growing in various Italian regions, with orders also for abroad. The new headquarters in Porcari has also made it possible to optimize work in different areas, such as a larger warehouse for pneumatic components and fittings, a new piping warehouse, and rooms dedicated to the compressors and the workshop to better meet the needs of maintenance, repair and after-sales assistance.


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