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City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya

Centurion Systems Ltd

About Centurion Systems Ltd

Centurion Systems Ltd. (CSL) is a leading technology transfer and training center bringing to the industrial platform vast experience in technical services, continuous professional development, research and innovation. Having been in operation since 1989, we have served the cross-sectoral industrial platform within the East African region to support efficiency and productivity enhancement in product and process control, a proficiency strongly backed by our in-house capability and strategic partnerships with key industrial stakeholders. Centurion provides engineering solutions with key focus on the fields of industrial automation, motion control and lean manufacturing. We provide engineering services on four fronts: 1. Technical training services (PLC, SCADA, pneumatics, hydraulics, power protection & relays, variable speed drives & servo motors, robotics, electronic troubleshooting, instrumentation and calibration), 2. System Integration 3. Repair and Maintenance Services 4. Supply of parts. Areas of Focus Our areas of focus in industry include: - Mining and Quarrying sector (oil and gas, cement etc.) - Manufacturing sector (food & beverage, plastics, chemical, textile, tyre & rubber, pharmaceuticals, paper, metal etc.) - Building Management Systems - Utilities sector (electricity power supply and generation, automation of water supply systems including flow control etc.) - Transport sector - Communications sector - Hospitality sector

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  • Industrial Automation

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