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Street: 476 Meetinghouse Road
Post code: 18964
City: Souderton
Country: United States

Chl Systems

About Chl Systems

We believe the essence of our success for the past 60+ years is the ability of CHL Systems to inspire industry productivity by bringing better ideas to life. We accomplish this by incorporating intelligent ideas with superior engineering, the most effective technology, and highly skilled and experienced craftsmanship. The result is value driven products and production solutions that meet or exceed our client's objectives. As a company, our foundation is built upon knowledgeable professionals who are focused on developing and maintaining long term client relationships through trust, honesty and mutual understanding. We recognize the significance of an ongoing investment in our people, technology, and equipment. Our clients enjoy tremendous success working in partnership with us to synthesize production resources and automation solutions that help improve their bottom line. Industries Served: Snack Foods & Confectionery, Food Processing, Meat, Pharmaceutical & Personal Care Products, Steel, Chemical, Energy, and General Manufacturing

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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