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  • Street: 15 Via Papa Giovanni XXIII
  • Post code: 25086
  • City: Rezzato (BS)
  • Country: Italy


Component Supplier


For more than four decades, COPE has been providing customers with top-notch hydraulic systems and pneumatic products sourced from the finest brands on the international market. Their expertise, dedication and expertise have made them a trusted specialist in marketing, as well as the more recent field of designing and constructing hydraulic systems. Located in the Brescia area and currently under the ownership of the Stanga family, COPE has kept up with the ever-changing technology and methods of the hydraulic industry, responding to the needs of their customers with accuracy and speed. This is why they only use certified products, maintain an internal quality system to identify all production and commercial processes, are pursuing ISO certification, and are members of leading associations and organizations in the sector.


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  • cylinders
  • hoses
  • valves