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  • Street: 18 Via Emilio Salgari
  • Post code: 21052
  • City: Busto Arsizio
  • Country: Italy

CSA snc

Component Supplier
System Integrator


Since 1983, CSA has developed expertise in fluid power transmissions, such as hydraulics, pneumatics, and lubrication. We work in partnership with the leading brands in these fields to provide customers with both components and complete systems. Our designs prioritize energy containment, including in hydraulic power stations, blocking, filtration, cooling, and recirculation units, as well as pneumatic paneling. We also collaborate with Hydro Nord Srl to develop specialties in process control, proposing solutions for the regulation and measurement of fluids and steam. CSA is dedicated to providing reliable, competitive technical solutions to our customers’ problems.


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  • cylinders
  • valves
  • pumps