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  • Street: 29 Via A. Volta
  • Post code: 42013
  • Country: Italy

C.T.M. Centro Trasmissioni Meccaniche

Component Supplier


C.T.M., founded in 1989 and headquartered in Villalunga on the border of Sassuolo, began its business of “Technical Articles” with the experience of the founder Mr. Bruno Severi, its current President and Chief Executive Officer. Over the years C.T.M. has grown significantly while retaining its family-oriented values, employing 36 people and collaborating with external partners. Its recently renovated and expanded warehouse of 6000 square meters, with a new stock warehouse of 2000 square meters, is strategically located on Rubiera-Sassuolo and is able to respond to any urgent needs.

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  • chains
  • belts
  • bearings