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  • Street: Block Palma 1 - Industrial area Via A. Maserati SN
  • Post code: 95121
  • City: Catania
  • Country: Italy

CUCINOTTA Oleodinamica

Component Supplier


In May 1995, I began my career as a sales agent in the Hydraulic and Industrial Lifting sector, which intrigued me and led me to dedicate myself to the filtration sector as well. Through my assistance to customers and my understanding of their daily work needs, I was able to gain technical knowledge that enabled me to meet their various market requirements. The frequent requests for immediate delivery of materials prompted me to open a small warehouse in 2004 for faster product delivery. My Partners, who are still my suppliers today, have trusted me over the years, and the support of some large Resellers in Sicily has enabled me to experience continuous and constant growth, including in terms of the size of my exhibition space.

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  • hoses
  • valves
  • pumps