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  • Street: 195 Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII
  • Post code: 70124
  • City: Bari
  • Country: Italy




Drawing on over 50 years of expertise in process fluids, De Palma Thermofluid is a resource for plant managers, maintenance technicians, installers and designers, offering dependable solutions and components at competitive prices. Beyond their commitment to their customers, De Palma Thermofluid also strives to promote innovation and foster collaboration with other companies to address specific process requirements and construct mechanical and electronic systems. Founded in 1999 as a generational transition of the individual company De Palma Cristoforo, established in 1964, De Palma Thermofluid is a youthful and energetic company with a deep-seated foundation of experience and technical skill.

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  • valves
  • fittings
  • compensators