DenimoTECH A/S

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Street: Haandvaerkervangen 12
Post code: 5792
City: Aarslev
Country: Denmark

DenimoTECH A/S

About DenimoTECH A/S

DENIMOTECH is a global manufacturer of asphalt emulsion & Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) high shear mills and process plants. We also do diagnostics, control technologies and technical consulting services that helps infrastructure companies on all continents, to deliver roads with the right characteristics in quality, type, size, style and cost. DENIMOTECH has a network of trusted and knowledgeable distributors worldwide, which brings local expertise to customers on every continent. For over three decades DENIMOTECH's mission has been to provide both the global road construction industry and oil companies, with the emulsion and polymer modified bitumen (PMB) technology, innovation and expertise - to insure the production of highly stable emulsions for building high performance roads that last, while minimizing the impact on the environment. All our equipment is made of some of the highest-grade alloy materials in the industry. This means they last longer and resist corrosion better. Making them a better return on investment over time. Furthermore, the precision of engineering that our colloid mills are designed with, enables them to output extremely fine micro droplets, producing some of the most stable and durable emulsions and polymer modified bitumen on the market

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  • Industrial Automation

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