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  • Street: 7 Železničná
  • Post code: 97701
  • City: Brezno
  • Country: Slovakia


Component Supplier
System Integrator


DIAGO SF sro is a leading supplier of bearings and industrial products in the Slovak Republic. It has been operating on the market since 1993 and thanks to the efforts of the company's founder and a strong team, it has become a renowned company in the supply of goods, services as well as the production of engineering parts. The supply of products is supported by specialists in the field of diagnostics, vibodiagnostics, setting up machinery, lubrication systems, oil cleaning, assembly and disassembly of bearings and the like. We support high-quality service with engineering production, which has multiplied in recent times. Movement under control is therefore not just a slogan.


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  • bearings
  • chains
  • v-belts