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  • Street: 28 De Tweeling
  • Post code: 5215 MC
  • City: 's-Hertogenbosch
  • Country: Netherlands


Component Supplier


As a high-service distributor with over 45 years' experience, we've taken the time to determine what our customers need and can offer a wide range of top brand options with great stock availability. With over 30,000 products added every year, we can provide components for every budget and application requirement. While building our expansive product portfolio, our expert team of purchasing and product managers choose only those brands and products that can offer the best quality to our customers. Rely on our extensive experience and benefit from a hand-picked selection of components and products that can support your crucial projects. We're in tune with customer priorities and offer expedited site delivery to minimise downtime. Plus, our expert local teams of sales and technical support are there to help.


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  • sensors
  • switches
  • inductors