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Street: Sielminger Stra├če 63
Post code: 70771
City: Leinfelden-Echterdingen
Country: Germany

W: ebe.de

Ebe Sensors + Motion

About Ebe Sensors + Motion

EBE Elektro-Bau-Elemente GmbH is an independent, owner-managed medium-sized company that provides high-quality sensor systems and drive technology for price-sensitive markets to top-brand manufacturers. The combination of capacitive and inductive sensor technologies with electromotive or electromagnetic drives creates individual overall solutions that are distinguished by their integration depth and performance. Additionally, EBE produces high-quality switches and encoders for industrial use. To ensure the highest quality, EBE develops and produces its products at its own sites in Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Schwabach, and assembles electronic PCBs for EBE-products at its own plant in Friedrichshafen. Moreover, the company offers flexible manufacturing services for customers. At EBE, the human factor is highly valued, as experienced developers, designers, and production staff work together to master technological challenges and create future-oriented environmental solutions. With their flexibility in engineering, Swabian inventive spirit, and openness to new ideas, EBE ensures that its customers can rely on them one hundred percent.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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