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  • Street: 53 Via Villabella
  • Post code: 37047
  • City: Villabella
  • Country: Italy

Effegi Forniture

Component Supplier


EFFEGI FORNITURE SRL is a company that was established in 2007 and is made up of dynamic people who have been in the industrial supplies market for many years. Our team's decade of experience provides customers with consultancy, services and technical assistance for any product range we market, always guaranteeing quality and consistency. We offer flexible and competitive prices on primary brands and import lines, with the aim of combining reliability and convenience to meet the demands of manufacturers and end users. In 2017, EFFEGI FORNITURE SRL acquired two important companies in the market for the distribution of technical articles, SATI FORNITURE SRL (with a warehouse in Verona and direct counter service to local customers) and GSA FORNITURE SRL (based in Vicenza, offering experience and reliability in the supply of pneumatic material). The strength and bargaining power of the EFFEGI FORNITURE SRL group make it a leader in industrial supplies, and we are ready for new challenges.


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  • bearings
  • motors
  • gearboxes