Electro Universo Plin Metal

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Street: 1061 Avenida Jujuy
Post code: C1229
City: Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina

Electro Universo Plin Metal

About Electro Universo Plin Metal

ELECTRO UNIVERSO was born in 1954 as a family business, led by Alfredo Núñez, in a small store located on Alberti and Constitución, which specialized in articles and accessories for gas, hardware, bazaar and electrical. Since then we have based our work on three fundamental pillars: COMPLIANCE, HONESTY AND SERVICE, which made us evolve and improve our services day by day, always thinking based on the needs of our clients and giving them the answer they are looking for to their problems. This is how we managed to become a leading company in the distribution of electrical materials and lighting.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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