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  • Street: 36A Via Albenga
  • Post code: 10090
  • City: Rivoli
  • Country: Italy

Eredi Marchetti

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In 2014, Oleodinamica Marchetti (formerly known as Eredi Marchetti) was established in Turin, carrying on the legacy of Marchetti Giorgio, founded in 2000, and continuing the previous experiences of the company. Specializing in the engineering of hydraulic plants, Oleodinamica Marchetti is known for its high-quality systems, which have been used by national companies such as SATA (automotive), COMAU (automation), and ICAM (confectionery), as well as international companies such as RE.MAC.UT, for whom they have been producing and installing hydraulic systems for offshore applications for over 20 years. The team of professionals at Oleodinamica Marchetti offer not only installation and commissioning of systems both in Italy and abroad, but also periodic maintenance, assistance, and consultation for operation.

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