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  • Street: Robert-Hesse-Str. 11
  • City: Garbsen
  • Country: Germany

Eriks Deutschland

Component Supplier


ERIKS is a specialized industrial service provider that provides a wide variety of technical products, co-engineering, customization solutions and related services to help customers optimize product performance and decrease overall costs. For the past 80 years, ERIKS has acquired extensive knowledge of sealing & polymer, gaskets, valves & instrumentation, industrial & hydraulic hoses, industrial plastics, power transmission & bearings, conveying systems and tools, maintenance & safety products. We offer both A-brand and ERIKS products, as well as digitalization and data insights to create new services and enhance customer processes. At ERIKS, we are dedicated to fair and transparent business practices and making a positive contribution to society. Our 6500 professionals serve customers in their original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance, repair and overhaul operations (MRO) in 16 countries, mainly in Western Europe and Asia.

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