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  • Street: ul. Bojkowska 37
  • Post code: 44-101
  • City: Gliwice
  • Country: Poland

eTermo-Inwest M.Kurkiewicz-Klek, P.Purzynski, G.Klek Sp.J

Component Supplier
System Integrator


Here you will find not only fittings, industrial, refrigeration or heating automation, switchgear, but also pumps, power hydraulics, heat exchangers, etc. The company's educated engineering staff provides services at the highest level, and the company's reach is mainly based on comprehensive service to industry, economic zones and specialized OEM companies. The topics of vacuum and ultra-high vacuum are also areas of the company's operation, right next to the selection and supply of fire protection equipment and high-pressure and sprinkler systems for various types of applications.

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