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  • Street: 20/L Via del Foppone
  • Post code: 20813
  • City: Bovisio Masciago
  • Country: Italy


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With years of dedicated experience in the production and construction of electrical and pneumatic equipment and systems for civil and industrial applications, our business, Eurosystem snc, has earned positive acclaim from our customers. Our experienced technicians, meticulous material selection, advanced production methods, stringent quality controls, and responsive technical staff are all contributing factors.In the industrial sector, our collaboration with leading companies in the pneumatics field has allowed us to leverage our professionalism and expertise in the construction of equipment and systems for machine installations. These installations are built with standard or custom carpentry, using our own materials or through supply and subcontracting arrangements with our customers. Our production capacity also includes the construction of CE-certified electrical automation equipment and onboard machine plant engineering, which we have successfully carried out for major companies.

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