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  • Street: 2 Via Provinciale per Latina
  • Post code: 4012
  • City: Cisterna di Latina
  • Country: Italy

Gruppo Gesa

Component Supplier
System Integrator


The GESA GROUP is a top-tier firm that specializes in industrial, corporate, plant engineering and advanced precision engineering supplies. Their cutting-edge management processes, combined with continuous investments in technology and innovation, have made them a leader in the sector of distribution and integrated industrial services. They provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and industrial and consumable technical articles and are a point of reference for products related to industrial plant engineering. Additionally, the Group's CAMAS division is a cutting-edge industry in advanced engineering with a focus on engineering, re-engineering and design processes of complex systems, and specializes in the processing of sheet metal in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and special alloys. They also offer customized solutions for furnishing sterile environments in chemical-pharmaceutical and food companies.


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  • pipes
  • valves
  • fittings