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  • Street: 50/52 Via Carlo Pisacane
  • Post code: 20016
  • City: Pero (MI)
  • Country: Italy


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FCAR srl was founded in July 2017 from the expertise of SAG, a leading European distributor of Automotive products. SAG (Swiss Automotive Group) was established in 2010 from the merger of Derendinger AG and Métraux Services SA and is active in Austria, Belgium, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Hungary, generating 800 million CHF in turnover and employing 3000 people. FCAR srl's mission is to provide workshops (car, diesel and truck) with a full range of products and services (spare parts, equipment, training, assistance and support) from the best aftermarket brands. Additionally, an extensive training program has been included to accommodate the needs of the modern Automotive industry. FCAR srl strives to maintain a profile that meets the highest European standards in the distribution of spare parts, while also providing local support to all garages. We believe that our customers can benefit from our portfolio of top-level products and services, as our competence and professionalism, combined with enthusiasm and energy, will help us to reach our ambitious goals. We have two operating sites: Pero, which is our main headquarters and where all the offices and the central logistics warehouse are located, and Villasanta, which serves the upper Milan, Brianza and Bergamo areas.


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