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  • Street: 11 Prosta
  • Post code: 44-200
  • City: Rybnik
  • Country: Poland

FEBRUKO Sp. z o.o.

System Integrator


"Let our work and its effects be followed by other companies"We have been pursuing this goal since the beginning of the company's operations.We not only want to meet the European and global standards but also create our own - new and better ones.Our goal is not to sell and deliver components, machines, instrumentation, or industrial automation systems, but to provide the Client with a comprehensive solution to his problem.Thanks to a well-coordinated team of specialists and many years of cooperation with suppliers selected over the years, we have built a network of cooperators, thanks to which we are able to carry out comprehensive orders in the field of machine supply, and production lines, and industrial automation systems.



  • Concept development and design of machinery and equipment
  • Design and installation of automation systems
  • Video inspection systems
  • Optimization of industrial processes using robotic workstations
  • Machining
  • Assembly and inspection stations
  • Supply of welding fixtures