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  • Street: 36 Via Pietro Nenni
  • Post code: 27058
  • City: Voghera
  • Country: Italy

Ferri Adelio

Component Supplier


In 1961, Adelio Ferri opened a small family-owned hardware store in Voghera, offering a wide selection of products in a limited space. Through his dedication, quality products, and varied inventory, the business flourished, leading to expansion and the need to relocate to larger locations to accommodate the growing customer base and workload. Today, the company employs nine members, two sales agents, and boasts a warehouse of over 1000 square meters across two floors and a 300 square meter exhibition area. It carries a selection of over 40,000 products and offers delivery services, providing efficient and professional services to both small artisans and large companies, both domestically and internationally. Additionally, Ferri Adelio provides an online ordering and sales system, ensuring competitive prices.

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  • cylinders
  • compressors