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  • Street: 10 Via Regina Pacis
  • Post code: 41049
  • City: Sassuolo
  • Country: Italy


Component Supplier


Established in 1969 by Sergio Tassi and Giulio Fontana in Sassuolo, Italy, FIMO (formerly known as TASSI & FONTANA) initially produced rubber and plastic products for the ceramic industry. As the company grew, they broadened their offering to include pneumatic components and compressed air systems, and later acquired MOTECH and FIM. In 2014, FIBO was opened for pneumatic component distribution, and 2016 saw the company acquire OILTECH for hydraulic power plant design. FIMO is proud of its technical proficiency, customer-centricity, and recent expansion of its headquarters. Following the passing of Sergio Tassi in 2017, the future of FIMO looks bright.


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  • cylinders
  • motors pumps