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  • Street: 16/21 Strada di Oselin
  • Post code: 33047
  • City: Remanzacco UD
  • Country: Italy

Fluid System 80

Component Supplier
System Integrator


Fluid System 80 is a leading company in the nation for designing and manufacturing hydraulic systems, in addition to authorized reselling and distributing of pneumatic and hydraulic components from top suppliers. Established in August 1980, it has gradually honed its expertise to accommodate the most challenging industrial sectors. Its ability to create system diagrams and plan using modern 3D systems lets it answer customer requests quickly and effectively, with energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind. Constructing the systems with qualified operators and the most innovative techniques ensures the quality and performance of the final product. Additionally, after-sales service is provided with technical aptitude and punctuality for the completion and optimization of projects.

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  • valves
  • Pneumatic Panels
  • Accumulator Banks