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Street: 2 100 Production Court
Post code: 06051
City: New Britain
Country: United States

Force Automation Inc

About Force Automation Inc

FORCE Automation Inc. is a robotics integration company that is highly skilled in developing solutions for many different industries: Aerospace, Firearms, Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Military and Defense, Hand Tools, Hardware, Medical, and many more. FORCE Automation Inc. provides turn key solutions utilizing advanced autonomous technologies for any shape and size part. We build turn key equipment for our customers and develop most cost-effective process for their operation by creating best solutions on the market. With over 35 Years of combined experience FORCE Automation INC. offers solutions for material removal, polishing, inspection, serial marking, pick and place, machine tending and material handling, laser welding. FORCE Automation Inc. is focused on helping companies to stay competitive by utilizing automation.

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  • Industrial Automation

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