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  • Street: 29 L-r Lungobisagno Istria
  • Post code: 16141
  • City: Genova
  • Country: Italy




Getecno Ltd. is a global supplier of mechanical components, such as flexible couplings, precision locknuts, shaft collars, variable height spacers, plain bearings, and specialized rod ends and spherical bearings, which are used in a variety of industries including mechanical automation, tooling machinery, food processing and packaging machinery, textiles, military, aircraft, motorsports, automotive, marine, and general mechanics. Our headquarters is located in Genoa, Italy, and we provide standard parts as well as customized items to over 5,200 customers and distributors around the world. In addition to well-known brands, we also offer our own branded products, including AURORA, PERMAGLIDE, RULAND, RODOBAL, RODOFLEX, RODOGRIP, and RODOSET. To discover more, please visit

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