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  • Street: 12/A Via Fossetta
  • Post code: 35020
  • City: Terrassa Padovana
  • Country: Italy

Gik Impianti

Component Supplier


Established in 2009, Gik Impianti is a youthful and vibrant company that specializes in industrial automation. With various disciplines within their expertise, such as hydraulics, pneumatics, instrumentation, sealing systems, lubrication, and applied electronics, the team of professionals at Gik Impianti provide comprehensive services for handling in industrial plants. From studies to the creation, modification, and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, Gik Impianti offers solutions for all types of companies, regardless of the industry, such as mechanics, manufacturing, steel, pharmaceutical, food, textile, and footwear.

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  • valves
  • pumps
  • cylinders