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  • Street: 18 Linsenäcker
  • Post code: 72379
  • City: Hechingen
  • Country: Germany

Gimatic Srl



Gimatic produces pneumatic components for handling like Grippers, Rotary actuators, Linear actuators and "Pick and Place"​. We exist and wish to grow even further thanks to our customers. For this reason, besides offering a wide range of products a "custom service"​ is provided as well. Dynamism, flexibility and fast reaction time are all factors that distinguish our company. We work on a surface of 8000 square meters, according to a quality system certified in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 regulation. Launched into the future, Gimatic regularly produces and implements innovative ideas of which it is rightly proud. All of Gimatic products are covered by patent. Thanks to their hi-tech features, original design and reliability, Gimatic products are truly unique.

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