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  • Street: Km 17 + 900 Strada Statale 494 Vigevanese
  • Post code: 20081
  • City: Abbiategrasso (MI)
  • Country: Italy

Gorla Utensili

Component Supplier


Founded in 1953 as "Ferramenta Gorla Mario", Gorla Utensili Srl has undergone a transformation under the leadership of Gorla Angelo, the son of Mario. As the Italian economy grew, the business expanded its range of products and maintained its original focus on leading brands and high-quality items. Now, the company is a global supplier that can meet customer needs from the smallest nail to the most advanced measuring instrument. In the 1990s, it underwent further improvements, both in terms of turnover and organizational processes, through the use of innovative and customized software. Today, its 3000 sq. m. headquarters is equipped with the motto "always everything and immediately" and a warehouse containing over 300,000 references ready to be used.


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  • pipes
  • fittings
  • compressors