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  • Street: 34 North Meramec Avenue
  • Post code: 63105
  • City: Clayton
  • Country: United States


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Automation Solutions Graybar offers dependable automation solutions for all applications. Whether you're an OEM, contractor or healthcare expert, Graybar can assist you in the development of a solution or training to help . Our network of field automation specialists are there for you to answer even the simplest of questions on Process Control, Facility Automation and industrial networking. Product Solutions I/O Devices Intelligent Sensors Fiber Optic Converters Motion Control Motor Control Human Machine Interfaces- HMI Programmable Logic Controllers AC & DC Variable Speed Drives Touch Screens Service Solutions Automation Specialists Network System Specialists Dependable Products Pre and Post Sales Support Quality Service Top Suppliers Logistic Services Financial Stability Local presence Diversity Business Development (MWBE) Project Management National Database Consistent Customer Service platform Sales force Specialization National Inventory

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