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Street: Unit 2A Harry Reynolds Road
Post code: K32 W566
City: Balbriggan
Country: Ireland

Hanley Technology Ltd

About Hanley Technology Ltd

Hanley Technology is dedicated to providing its customers with the latest technology to ensure accuracy, reliability, cost effectiveness and the achievement of their quality targets. Since its foundation in 1987 the company has continually strived to provide its customers with best in class solutions to measure and control critical process parameters. For over three decades we have continually embraced new technologies ensuring our customers have the most detailed and accuracy process information enabling real-time analyses to optimise performance.As the IOT’s develops Hanley Technology are providing primary sensors, wireless infrastructure and smart interfaces for harsh and hazardous environments enabling our customers to measure and control locally whilst also enabling data to be transmitted to MES and control system.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation

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