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Street: 3816 Patterson Street
Post code: 27407
City: Greensboro
Country: United States

Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc.

About Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc.

Since 1947, Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc. has served the Carolinas and Virginia in the selection and application of commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, filtration and direct digital control (DDC) systems. In Fall 2009, Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc. opened branch offices in Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Hoffman & Hoffman represents manufacturers of the highest quality HVAC equipment and controls available on the market today. Through one of our (14) fourteen regional branch offices, our professional sales engineers can assist you in most commercial/industrial HVAC and filtration projects. We employ Certified Energy Managers (CEM), LEED accredited professionals and professional sales engineers dedicated to meeting the heating, filtration, ventilation and air conditioning needs of engineers, owners and contractors. Delivering engineered, flexible, economical and environmentally responsible solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration requirements is our top priority. Hoffman Building Technologies’, a division of Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc., mission is to provide and service facility and energy management systems that exceed the expectations of our customers. Our objectives are to grow our customer base by providing the best total value, provide our customers additional value by offering new or better solutions that complement our core competencies, and to serve our customers’ needs by building relationships based on trust and a focus on quality. For over 25 years, Hoffman Building Technologies has utilized the latest technology in networking, integration and communications to create an environment that is comfortable, productive and safe for our customers. Call us at 800.332.8992 or visit our website at www.hbtech.biz.

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  • Industrial Automation

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