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Hughes Hitech

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Hughes HiTech is a technical sales and engineering services company specializing in industrial automation. Our mission is to help customers achieve operational excellence through the effective deployment of industrial automation technologies. Operational excellence is a key success factor in today's competitive global economy. With over forty years of experience behind us, Hughes HiTech is uniquely qualified to assist you in addressing critical manufacturing and commercial issues involving: process improvement, performance and reliability of production equipment, quality control, cost reduction, worker productivity and safety as well as component supply logistics We offer custom automation solutions to meet your needs. From concept to applied solution, count on our team of specialists to design, build and install automation solutions that meet your unique requirements. Let us assist you with the design and fabrication of electrical and pneumatic control panels, ergonomically designed workstations, hydraulic power units, machine frames and guards, operator control panels, parts handling and positioning devices, part inspection systems, tool support and balancing assemblies and work piece holding systems. The building blocks of an automation system are the components that enable it to function. Hughes HiTech supports a broad array of component technologies including fluid power, machine control, sensing, motion control, modular structural framing, machine vision as well as safety controls. We have aligned ourselves with the top manufacturers in the automation industry to ensure that our customers receive the greatest value for their automation investment.

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