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Street: 2 Georg-Ohm-Stra├če
Post code: 23617
City: Stockelsdorf
Country: Germany

Ifimex - Ifraimov Import Export

About Ifimex - Ifraimov Import Export

IFIMEX, our family-run business, is an autonomous distributor of industrial automation products. Despite the cut-throat competition, we have thrived for more than a decade. Our primary objective is to provide our clients with the most favorable deals possible. We relentlessly strive to obtain the most significant manufacturer discounts, minimize expenses, and refine our business procedures. We offer an extensive range of industrial automation products from numerous top-notch manufacturers, including sensors, robotics, cable chains, seals, hydraulic- and pneumatic systems, and much more.

Markets we operate in:

  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Control
  • Robotics

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Products from Ifimex - Ifraimov Import Export

  • sensors
  • seals
  • chains