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  • Street: 83 Via Postumia
  • Post code: 31050
  • City: Ponzano
  • Country: Italy

Industrial Forniture Moro

Component Supplier


How did the Moro Industrial Supplies come to be? Established in 1984 during a time of economic difficulty, the Moro brothers and their father set out to provide products such as speed reducers, electric motors, bearings, linear guides, gears, belts, and pulleys for industrial automation. In addition, the sale of tools and machine tools was also developed. Currently, the Moro Industrial Supplies has three locations throughout the Trivento, delivering orders within 24 hours from their headquarters in Ponzano Veneto. Keeping up with the ever-changing world, Moro Industrial Supplies has always been driven by the spirit of progress and improvement for the sake of customer satisfaction.


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  • bearings
  • linear guides
  • gears