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Industrial Parts Seller

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Street: Ceresweg 20-b
Post code: 8938
City: Leeuwarden
Country: Netherlands

Industrial Parts Seller

About Industrial Parts Seller

At IPS, we take care of the challenging tasks on your behalf. This includes locating the most affordable prices for new equipment and sourcing those elusive, difficult-to-find parts that you require. Should you have trouble locating a specific product, kindly complete our product request form so that we can investigate on your behalf. Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly to explore how we might be of assistance. IPS provides an extensive selection of industrial products, encompassing new, reconditioned, and second-hand items. Whether you're embarking on a new project or need to replenish your spare parts inventory, we're here to assist. Our services range from extricating you from costly predicaments to swiftly delivering products to restore your operational status. For a comprehensive overview of our offerings, please peruse our online store. Our commitment at IPS revolves around propelling your business forward and delivering a top-tier service founded on trustworthiness. Bringing savings and minimizing downtime for our clients brings us immense joy. We genuinely care, and nothing satisfies our team more than the knowledge that we've executed our responsibilities excellently, coupled with receiving feedback from satisfied customers.

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  • Industrial Automation

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    Time to ship in-stock parts after receiving an order and payment is from 1 to 2 days.

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    CCI: 57156204